A commercial screen enclosure is one of the easiest features that you can incorporate to make more space. Moreover, having a screen enclosure is way cheaper compared to traditional additions. Because of that, it’s undeniable that almost any business type can benefit from them. Here are some of the businesses that find screen enclosure Palm Bay useful:

Sports Venues and Clubs

Never allow events at your country club to be delayed or ruined just because of the elements of weather. Instead, you can partner your patio screens with a high-quality sunshade material that blocks up to 95 percent of the heat rays of the sun. Moreover, you can easily pair your patio systems with great climate control devices to keep users comfortable and cool. For total protection, you can also install a roofing structure on sports venues and even on clubs.

Bars and restaurants

Patios have long been utilized by restaurants to have their dining areas expanded. Such outdoor dining areas are usually an advantage especially when the weather is good. If you install a commercial restaurant patio enclosure surrounding such areas, you can have a boosted protection. Preventing the wind-blown debris or fighting off bugs would suffice to make any diner lose their appetite.

In the same way, sitting under drizzling rain or a string sun can make it difficult for diners to enjoy their meal. If you deter these troubles, having a screen enclosure in restaurants can lead to a more practical and more attractive way to invite guests to enjoy eating outdoors.

Amusement centers, zoos, and theme parks

Commercial patio enclosures can be a good addition to amusement centers, zoos, and theme parks since they give a shady and welcoming space where visitors can relax and stay for some time while they view exhibits or animals, watch shows, enjoy a meal, or wait their turn for the rides.


A screen enclosure offers a nice place to give a new environmental scene for workers who want to take a break or an area to meet with the clients. Moreover, you can use this place as an informal conference room. With this feature, your possibilities are limitless.

Hotels and resorts

If you install screen enclosures around pools, patios, and porches, they can give the hotel guests more places to unwind and relax. Apart from that, they can enjoy the outdoors for a longer time by making another seating area that’s protected from the elements.

Rental Units, condos, and apartments

Usually, tenants like getting access to an extra living area that screened-in porches, decks, and balconies offer. If you enclose these spaces, you can boost their appeal because it makes them more enjoyable and more useful. Moreover, you can make it simpler to justify higher rental fees and keep units full if you install a balcony screen enclosure.

Do you want to install a screen enclosure on one of your commercial buildings? If that’s the case, make sure to hire a reputable installer near you today.